Jabobs Project Management
Structural, Mechanical, Electrical I&C
Hanging Rock, OH;
Beverly, OH

For this project, Ranger installed equipment to restart power plant production in the event of a regional power outage. The project required simultaneous installation of generators and related equipment at two separate power plants. As a contractor, Ranger was responsible for full mechanical installation, start-up, and commissioning of all major equipment. We worked directly with a GE representative to ensure that work was completed properly and to specification. To this day, Black Start Project is still one of Ranger’s proudest accomplishments.

Normal operation would restart the power plant from the existing electrical grid, but in the event of an outage, the installed power generators would restart the power plant equipment to provide the Black Start source for the regional electrical grid.



  • 0 recordables
  • Ranger installed a turbine, generator, gas pipeline, exhaust stack, fin fan coolers and much more
  • Completed both installations simultaneously with separate internal resources
  • Completed both installations simultaneously with separate internal resources.
  • Successfully planned and completed over 40 critical lifts with various cranes.
  • Installed over 2,500 feet of 4” gas pipe.
  • We recommended and installed a valve shutoff in between the systems, which became a major component of the outage work.