We believe success comes through safety.

Success comes from each individual on the team, and so does safety.

We build competent teams that know what they are doing. We know, the more everyone understands the task at-hand the better they can understand the hazards of that task, and ensure that they and their team members can remain safe.

Ranger teaches safety, and makes sure it is incorporated into all task training, because one should never be thought of without the other. We believe, the better we train our team in all job-task skills, the safer we make our job sites. That is why you will experience exceptional craftsmanship and safety with Ranger.

Ranger SafetyWatch


We are leading the industrial construction industry with a proprietary program that’s proven to create a safer work environment.

Eliminating injuries, near misses, and safety hazards — all day, every single day. That’s the goal of SafetyWatch, an innovative program that focuses on clear and open communication, to ensure a safer work environment.

At Ranger, every employee is encouraged to become proactively involved, by volunteering for our SafetyWatch committee, and to submit questions, concerns, and suggestions through communication cards. Our SafetyWatch Management Teams work directly with safety professionals at each of our clients’ locations. We discuss current topics, industry near-misses, and industry accident investigations. This information is immediately shared with all of our employees to build knowledge and awareness in the field.

Ranger Quality-control Systems provide maximum efficiency in all our work

We strive to deliver a “culture of greatness” for our company, our employees, and our clients. To do this, we utilize a series of systems to create optimum productivity in every aspect of our work. We are also invested in a quality-control practice for operations performed on pressure vessels and boilers—and have earned the National Board “R” Symbol Repair Stamp.

We know, the way to be better is to document better. Our quality team tracks welds in the field, and changes to scope, so that when a project is finished questions have already been answered. We’ve dedicated our careers to doing the job right the first time, every time. Quality means much more to us than the final product.

With Ranger, quality is:
  • Honest Communication
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Exceeding Scope Expectations

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